Digital Material Delivery: Streamline Your Booth Experience

Improve your exhibit experience with our content management platform: easily manage all your electronic resources, so they are always up to date at your booth.

How it works

Attendees select which resources they want and get them delivered directly to their inbox, providing a personalized experience.

Additionally, our platform provides valuable engagement metrics to help you measure the success of your show.

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Landing page

Enable or disable it for all your visitors to see first. This could be a simple welcome page, terms of service, important information, or anything you want.

Visitor's form

Enable or disable a form to request information from your visitors, such as email, name, company and many more.

Fully customizable

Customize almost anything, from headers, footers, category logos and description, all the way to the text each visitor will receive on their email along the links to download the documents.

Category selection page

Show categories as a main menu for your visitors to choose from.

Badge Scanner

Our app can be easily used with any show's lead retrieval system. You attendees can simply scan their badge and will be automatically logged in. This feature provides a fast and convenient way to get your digital material.

Powerful analytics

Get helpful insights about how your documents are being viewed, added to carts and downloaded.

Explore demos

Fully Customize

In this version your users will first get a landing page (think of it as a welcome screen). Then, they have to enter their information in a form. And finally, they arrive to the main menu where all your categories are available for them to choose from. And inside each category, they can preview and add PDFs to cart.

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Simple Access

In this sample, your users are taken directly to the first category where they can immediately browse, preview and add PDFs to cart. The categories are on the top as tabs, so they can switch.

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